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Service Descriptions 


Children's haircuts:  over the age of 5 include a shampoo upon request

Men's haircuts:  include a shampoo upon request

Men's beard trim: This is done with our clippers and trimmers. We do not use straight razors.

Women's shampoo and blowout: Shampoo and blow out style with a round brush . Hot iron available at additional charge. 

Shampoo and style: Simple shampoo and style. If for a formal event, that would be a formal style.

Color Services: come with a specific amount of color and includes a haircut.

 *Additional product needed will result in additional charges.*

~ All over color: 1 color

~Partial foil: up to 8 foils of only 1 color

~Top and Sides foil: face framing foils of only 1 color

~Full foil: full head of foils of only 1 color

~Multicolor: full foil with 2 colors (adding additional colors will result in additional charge)

~Glaze: Demi color on dry hair

~Toner: rapid toner or demi color on wet hair after highlighting or another color service

~Corrective color: by consultation

~Fashion color: Costume color(s) we only guarantee for up to 10 days. Darker hair will need to be pre-lightened by your stylist requiring additional time. Be as specific as possible when booking an appointment for any fashion color to ensure there is adequate time allotted for your desired result.

Perm Services: includes a haircut and comes with 1 solution for a regular wrap perm, and 2 solutions for a spiral perm.                                            

Extra solution needed will result in additional charge.


Basic Manicure: Soak, trim, cuticle treatment, polish

Spa Manicure: Basic, and Hand/Skin treatment

Basic Pedicure: Soak, trim, scrub, light massage, polish

Spa Pedicure: Basic + mask, callus treatment and longer massage

Gel Polish Manicure: Basic manicure with gel polish (no soak off included)

Gel ReShellac Manicure: Soak off of gel polish and gel manicure

Gentlemen's Pedicure: Basic pedicure with callus treatment without polish

Add on Services: Nail art, gel polish, aromatherapy, callus treatment


JENNERATION'S Signature Facial: 

1 hour facial to include LED, GuaSha, extended facial massage, shoulder massage, and extractions if necessary

Classic Facial: 60 minute facial (no LED)

On-the-Go Facial: 30 minute facial (no LED)

Exfoliating Facial: Anti-aging/dermabrasion/acne/LED

Micro Current Facial: Low-voltage current to stimulate the facial muscles. Like a "workout" for the face

Detox Massaging Facial: Lymphatic drainage facial. Massaging technique serves to drain buildup of lymphatic fluid within your face. Enhances circulation in your face by delivering oxygen around the skin and pushing waste and toxins out of the lymph nodes.

Chemical Peel: acne and deep peel over 10 days

Dermaplane: Technique with razor to remove most outer layer of dead skin and soft hairs. Includes LED therapy

Eyelash Extensions: We offer classic, hybrid, and volume lashes. These require a fill every 2 weeks.

Lash Lift: Perm for your lashes

Lash Lift and Tint: lift and tint formulated for the eyelashes

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